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Naughty New Year 06

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19th July 2008

the_con_cept5:15pm: Mod Question
I think everyone knows the com is pretty much dead, and I doubt I'll revive it just because of the huge number of fests these days, particularly at that time of year. But I still get requests to join the com pretty often. I locked NN down when LJ had the witch-hunt because I was concerned for the members of the com--I didn't want anyone getting in trouble for something they had on here. And I'm still not comfortable at all with LJ, so I'd really rather not unlock, but I'd like to know your thoughts. I was thinking of setting up a mirror IJ or even just a place with links to your stories (not on here, but wherever you ended up hosting them). But only if you feel comfortable with that. It's just that we had some pretty hot stuff here and the atmosphere of online fic is not the same as it was. At the same time, I don't want to maintain a com anymore. I don't enjoy checking ages and such. But with a list of links when you guys can lock down your own fic would probably work, wouldn't it?

Please talk amongst yourselves. :) And let me know if you'd like me to set up a little IJ list with links to your fics.

16th January 2006

the_con_cept8:53pm: No Fic Today
As you might have noticed, there was no fic today, because there is one more fic I'm waiting on. I contacted the author today, but haven't heard back yet. I do have a rough draft, and it's a marvellous story, but I'm more than reluctant to post it without her permission.

I really, really, really hope to have it tomorrow, or I really don't know what I'm going to do. The giftee has turned in her stuff, and it is breathtaking. If any of you would care to stand by as a last-minute stand in, I would be ever so grateful.

Meanwhile, things in my personal life took a rather scary and time-consuming turn for the worse today, and though I'll not go into detail, I will apologize for not letting you all know the status of the exchange sooner.

So, once again, any sparkling storytellers willing to help me out, please contact me at tangled_feet@yahoo.com. Thanks.

4th January 2006

the_con_cept12:16pm: Fic for Unbroken_Halo by Adele_Sparks The Possibilities are Endless
First off, may I say "Holy Mother of God!" ? Because...well, I was more or less posting these babies in the order I received them, but I just got this one last night, and it's so smouldering hot and sweet and funny and...I must share. Immediately. Also, I've decided to do a little rec type of thing for each fic from now on. I'm in charge, that's why.

Anyhow, I don't often 'go' for threesomes, because they can be uncomfortable and bring up my own issues with fidelity. But this is just...wow. She doesn't completely ignore or shy away from the jealousy and awkwardness, but rather deftly, and briefly, brings them to the surface and then handles them perfectly, so that you can get right into the thick of things and oh! They're in character (at least as much as in any PWP) and so perfect together! Please do yourself a favor, settle in and read:

Title: The Possibilities Are Endless
Author: adele_sparks
Written for: unbroken_halo for the mighty naughty_newyear exchange
Pairings: HP/SS, HP/SS/RL
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome; rimming; angst (but mild and soon-resolved)
This fic has recieved
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Beta: The Great and Benevolent the_con_cept herself, with support and encouragement from my sis
Summary: When Harry expresses his desire to try a threesome, Severus fears three will be a crowd; but he learns differently when they actually go through with it.

Read more...Collapse )

21st December 2005

the_con_cept3:34pm: Are You Getting Excited?
...or are you just feeling harried? (Heh, or "harry'd"--sorry, I'm a dork.)

Well despite the fact that I've not even finished MY entry yet, and still have beathen's drabble to wrap up, I'm getting that lovely feeling of antici...pation. ; )

So I'm expecting you to get your fics in by the 24th, unless you've arranged for an extension. Bouquets of fictional men to those of you who've already submitted yours.

And since I've more recs than drabbles left, I wanted to point you toward the works of mimiheart, whose characters are so rounded and real it makes me jealous. I think it has to do with how she tends to show her readers her characters, rather than trying to explain them. Life is in the details, and I always marvel at the little touches in hers that bring her characters to life. Snape's characterization is moving and poignant in her fic, 'Why Me,' and I suggest you give it a read.

Now, I was planning on posting one fic New Year's Eve, and another New Year's Day, and so on and so forth. They will remain the sole property of this site...er, comm...whatever...for 24hrs after being posted, after which you may post them on your own ljs. Please, though, do credit naughty_newyear for making you do it.

How does that sound? How do you feel about me pimping you all out to communities such as snape_potter or hp_slash? How do you feel about peanut butter? I'm ambilvalent, myself. I mean, like it with jelly, but...

So anyway, tremble with awe as the mighty day of reckoning approaches! So far I've already received some delicious writing, and think I know enough about some of the others to say that we can all look forward to some really juicy fic! Get ready to pop your corks, my dears!

9th December 2005

the_con_cept11:36am: Unbroken_Halo's Drabble and a Rec
And just a reminder! You have two weeks (more or less) to finish your naughty_newyear fics! Contact me with questions or concerns. Or money. ; )

Today's rec is phoenix_fiction, where you can find the Snarry that drew me into the fandom, "Fine Lines," which is part of the Embers and Ashes series. A snarky Snape, a clever plot, oh! So much to enjoy! And onto the fic!

TITLE: Good For Anything That Ails You
AUTHOR: AbstractConcept (aka the_con_cept )
RATING: NC-17 (Filthy)
DISCLAIMER: Belongs to J.K. Rowling, etc
NOTES: unbroken_halo's not-very-drabble for the naughty_newyear exchange.
SUMMARY: Harry takes care of Remus, even when Remus isn’t particularly grateful. Cross-dressing and dirty talk.

Read more...Collapse )</p>

16th November 2005

the_con_cept9:51pm: Phoenix_Fiction's 'Drabble' and Rec

Today's Rec is </a></a>stellahobbit , who writes amazingly hot stuff. From her you-will-spill-out-of-your-seat-and-end-up-a-puddle-of-quivering-goo hot Snarry "Aqua Fresca" to her Stargate stuff, she's a fantastic writer. Definitely check her out! And now for something completely different.


TITLE: Summer Thunder

AUTHOR: AbstractConcept (aka the_con_cept )


WARNINGS: A Little Voyeurism

DISCLAIMER: Belongs to Rando Ayamine & Yuuya Aoki, Kodansha, Ltd. Publishers, TBS, Inc., etc.

NOTES: This is NOT an HP drabble; it is phoenix_fiction's ‘drabble’ for the naughty_newyear exchange, and it’s centred on the Get Backers universe, because she requested it and I needed a change of pace.

SUMMARY: Ban likes a little bit of rain, a little bit of time to reflect, and a whole lot of Ginji.Read more...Collapse )

11th October 2005

the_con_cept8:39pm: GO!
Okay, so I came down with some sort of skin infection on Saturday, swelled up like a puffer fish on steroids, and collapsed for a couple of days with a fever. But I'm MUCH better NOW. Therefore, I finally issued the last assignments as of this afternoon, so if you didn't get yours, please throw things at me. Like feathers. And Jason Isaacs. And Tylenol.

I am shaking with evil laughter whenever I think of my own assignment, which will be ever so much fun, and I hope the rest of you are likewise inspired.

Eventually, I'll get back to stuff like profiles and limericks, but until the bankruptcy switch, I am being ridden hard and put away wet. Er. If ONLY. I did make a couple hours overtime tonight, and anticipate that sort of thing for a while, as well as working weekends. But then the facist law goes into effect, and y'all who still want to file are screwed, and I'll get a break. No, I'm not cynical AT ALL.

So, due date is December 24th, and off you go, my fine frisky fillies!
Current Mood: lethargic

4th October 2005

the_con_cept8:03am: Ready? Set...
Okay, so there are still a couple of people I'm going to check on to see if they want to participate, but it looks like we're just about ready to go. You all should get your assignments by (hopefully) next Monday. That's giving myself enough time, right?

I do apologize for my lack of modliness, but I hadn't taken into account that I was having the actual sign-up coincide with the October bankruptcy law change. So I'm working lots of overtime right now, not that it's any excuse. I do humbly prostrate myself before you all.

I'm really excited, because we have some great writers, and some great ideas! I want to write for you all! That's how thrilled I am! Would y'all mind if I did a drabble for each of you, as well as the actual story you receive? Just to show my appreciation for the participation.

In any case, keep your eyes peeled, because assignments will be coming your way shortly!
Current Mood: happy

8th September 2005

the_con_cept11:21pm: And so it begins...

Please leave us a comment with the following information:

An Age Statement:
Your LJ user name:
Your email address:

For the fic you want written for you:

1. YOUR TOP FANTASIES. What have you always wanted to see written? What fic do you long to read? Try to keep it fairly short, but give your writer some meat to work with. Mmm. Meat. Give at least three possible scenarios, and at least two pairings you would accept:

2. A list of stuff you like, such as kinks, plot points, rating, genre:

3. Any squicks, pairings, pet peeves or other things you don't want to see in your fic:

For the fic you are going to write for someone else:

1. Pairings you are willing to write, in order of how comfortable you would be with them:

2. Your strengths:

3. Any characters pairings, kinks, or scenarios you refuse to write:


Your LJ user name: the_example
Your email address: example1@yahooo.com

For the fic you want written for you:

1. YOUR TOP FANTASIES. What have you always wanted to see written? What fic do you long to read? Try to keep it fairly short, but give your writer some meat to work with. Mmm. Meat. Give at least three possible scenarios, and at least two pairings you would like:
1. I would love to see a time turner fic with an older and younger Harry, and one of the following: Draco, Blaise Zabini, Colin Creevey, or Oliver Wood.
2. I always wanted to read a fic with Snape, Draco and Lucius, where Lucius and Draco fight over Severus, and Severus challenges the two of them to prove who can please him best.
3. I love fics where Harry falls in love with Remus, and has to woo him because Remus insists he's too old/poor/not good enough for Harry.

I like Remus/Harry, Snape/Draco, Snape/Draco/Lucius, Snape/Lucius, Harry/Draco, Harry/Blaise, Harry/Colin, and Harry/Oliver. 

A list of stuff you like, such as kinks, rating, genre:
I like angst, bondage & discipline, malfoycest, food!sex, Professor/student sex, and lots of snark.

Any squicks, pairings, pet peeves or other things you don't want to see in your fic:
I don't care for het, bestiality, watersports or anything of that nature, pairings with Ron Weasley, cutesy nicknames for characters, or bloodplay.

For the fic you are going to write for someone else:

Pairings you are willing to write, in order of how comfortable you would be with them:
Severus/Harry, Remus/Harry, Severus/Remus, Lucius/Severus, Severus/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Draco, Ron/George, Remus/Bill, Oliver/Harry, Oliver/Draco.

Your strengths:
I feel comfortable writing humor, some pretty smutty stuff, and angst. I find Slytherins a lot of fun to write, and I think I write them pretty well.

Any characters pairings, kinks, or scenarios you refuse to write:
I'd prefer not to write Ron Weasley, het, Harry/Draco, bestiality, bloodplay, watersports, or anything AU.

When writing your fic, please use this template for your fic heading:

Written for:
Notes: (Please include whether there are any HBP spoilers)

Please note that we cannot guarantee your fic will contain every detail you listed in your scenarios, but at least you'll have given your giver something to go on. The writers here are very good, and I'm confident that their professionalism and creativity will allow them to do a damn fine job.

Now remember, nothing is set in stone until Oct. 1st, so you have some time to think it over, and if you post a comment and later realize you forgot something, I'll probably be lenient and only whack you with my pimp cane once or twice. *g* So get thinking, get cracking, and shortly I will put up a list of participants signed up thus far, and you can eye one another, and devour everyone's writing.

3rd September 2005

the_con_cept10:48pm: Further Announcements: Now With Fluff!



We all have fics we’ve wanted to see written. We’ve all longed for a certain scenario that never comes to pass. Well, now you have a chance to read the fic of your dreams. We have acquired that oft longed-for dream maker, the ‘Smut If’ Machine. Yes, the ‘Smut If’ Machine is all you need to get that fic you always wanted.


Step up to the ‘Smut If’ Machine. Tell it your fantasies. Use the thing-longer to press the button.


Your fantasies will come true.


Disclaimer: This is not to say that someone who looks suspisiously like Jason Isaacs  will magically appear in your bedroom, conjure a younger lover who has green eyes and an attentive wand, and ravish him for your pleasure. My god, I wish I had that power, but I don’t. But let’s face it; if I had that power, you wouldn’t be getting any of it. And I’d be even more exhausted than I already am.


ADDITIONAL disclaimer: Smut is not at all required. There are a couple of authors on here that are more comfortable with fluff and/or plot, and that is fine. What counts is the quality of the writing, and that you please your giftee. You will be matched carefully.


The request prompt will be up in a day or so. In the meanwhile, I want you to fantasize, my pets, fantasize like you’ve never done before.  Also give some deep introspection to your squicks, so you’ll be ready to tell me what you don’t want to write, and I don’t have to smack you around later. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case, I’m up for it.

25th August 2005

the_con_cept2:41pm: Naughty New Year's Fic Exchange


Please keep an eye on this community, as details will be added before long.

So far, this much is known:

1. Firm sign-ups will start Oct. 1st. The deadline will likely be one week before New Year’s Eve--in other words, the deadline will be Christmas Eve: December 24, 2005.

2. Please leave a comment if you are interested, and we will send you a lovely invitation. If you have already let us know of your interest, you needn’t comment here.

3. As with other fic exchanges, the name of the game will be to request scenarios/pairings, and to write other’s requests in return. It’s not settled yet, but I do believe most of the people who end up participating are slashers, so keep this in mind when commenting.

4. leianora and I (AbstractConcept) (the_con_cept) will be moderating, and I like to think we are both sweet, easy-going creatures that will run a nice little WHOPPING FUN exchange. The fabulous reddwarfer has offered to assist, as well.

5. Also, before the exchange actually starts, I would like to request links to your writing, so we can all get to know each other and get an idea of each other’s talent and interests. (This will not be used as an archive for any stories written outside of the exchange, and links will be deleted after New Year’s Eve, unless I have been given permission to leave them up.) Not mandatory, just something I’d like in order to get to know you all better.

More to come soon!


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