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Fic for Unbroken_Halo by Adele_Sparks The Possibilities are Endless

First off, may I say "Holy Mother of God!" ? Because...well, I was more or less posting these babies in the order I received them, but I just got this one last night, and it's so smouldering hot and sweet and funny and...I must share. Immediately. Also, I've decided to do a little rec type of thing for each fic from now on. I'm in charge, that's why.

Anyhow, I don't often 'go' for threesomes, because they can be uncomfortable and bring up my own issues with fidelity. But this is just...wow. She doesn't completely ignore or shy away from the jealousy and awkwardness, but rather deftly, and briefly, brings them to the surface and then handles them perfectly, so that you can get right into the thick of things and oh! They're in character (at least as much as in any PWP) and so perfect together! Please do yourself a favor, settle in and read:

Title: The Possibilities Are Endless
Author: adele_sparks
Written for: unbroken_halo for the mighty naughty_newyear exchange
Pairings: HP/SS, HP/SS/RL
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome; rimming; angst (but mild and soon-resolved)
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Beta: The Great and Benevolent the_con_cept herself, with support and encouragement from my sis
Summary: When Harry expresses his desire to try a threesome, Severus fears three will be a crowd; but he learns differently when they actually go through with it.

"You want me to tell you what?"

"Your fantasies--you know, the things you think about when you're--or when we're--" Harry paused and pursed his lips, choosing his words. "The sexy things you think about that get you off."

Severus gave a long-suffering sigh and rearranged his pillow under his head, playing for time. He punched it into shape and vaguely wondered if Harry had been reading women's magazines.

"Is that the dictionary definition? 'Sexy thoughts that get you off'?"

"Don't make fun of me! I just want to know."

Severus turned onto his side and studied the young man's profile. "I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said I hadn't got any--that when I'm alone I'm thinking of you, and when I'm with you, I'm thinking of you."

The boy blushed. "Maybe so, but...what am I doing when you think about me? If you tell me, you know, I might do it."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, it is. Lucky you." Harry paused. "Soooooo...?"

Severus cast about for the best way to answer. The truth was, he did have fantasies--a plethora of them, all fueled by the delectable, maddening creature who shared his bed--but he never expected to have to verbalize any of them. Perhaps it would be worth the effort, though, if there was the slightest chance that Harry might indulge him.

"I often imagine..." he began, and stopped. He exhaled and tried again. "I like to imagine...you...dressed in black. Satin."

"Satin robes, like?" Harry interrupted, frowning.

"No, more of a...teddy. With knickers. And stockings. And a negligee."

"You imagine me in lingerie?" Harry cried, then checked himself immediately. "I'm sorry, go on."

Severus sighed again. "You're wearing these...underthings, these satin underthings, and you come to my rooms--to my bedroom. And you--oh, Merlin. You perform for me. You let me watch, you let me see you, wanking, playing with your body. And you're so gorgeous, so...so hot, so hot I could come just watching you. And...and that's it."

His heart was pounding by the time he finished, and he could feel the blood pumping in another region of his body as well. He waited, not looking at Harry but feeling his gaze. When he met his eyes he was chagrined to see the boy's look of--well, puzzlement. At least it's not disgust, he thought.

"Why knickers?" Harry finally asked.

"Because your body drives me to distraction," Severus said, "and Quidditch robes don't do it justice."

"Hey, I look good in my Quidditch robes!"

"Yes. Good. Not edible."

"Well, then, why couldn't I just be naked?"

"Because sometimes I prefer something left to the imagination. And because it's a fantasy."

Harry nodded but said nothing. Severus noticed the faint crease between his eyebrows and cursed himself for saying too much. He could have kept quiet about the underthings. They weren't the key part of the scenario. Harry was. Harry and his high firm arse and taut stomach and his ever-ready cock. And his long, strong legs. Spread wide atop the bed or on the hearthrug. Harry's legs. In stockings. Silky, silky black stockings...damn and blast! So the underthings were key. Nevertheless, next time he'd keep his mouth shut, if there was a next time.

As it turned out, he needn't have worried. A few nights later Harry dropped his invisibility cloak to reveal trailing black satin and softly whispering silk, and Severus was very glad he'd confided in Harry, not to mention eager to repay him. He was therefore a bit disappointed when he broached the subject himself and found Harry less than forthcoming.

"I just don't know if I'm ready to tell you yet."

"Would you like some time to consider?"

"A little, maybe."

"Very well." Severus turned onto his back, closed his eyes, and began mentally reciting the formula for the Wolfsbane Potion. When he finished he turned to Harry expectantly.


"I thought you'd be ready to share."

"Come on, Severus! It's difficult."

Severus was fairly certain the exasperation he felt was not supposed to be a product of pillow talk. "This sort of sharing isn't easy for me, either, Harry, you know that, but you don't make it easier for either of us when you play these-these games."

"That's not what I meant!" Harry huffed. "I meant the--the thing is difficult."

That sounded intriguing. "Explain."

"I don't know! Just--yours was, you know, pretty easy, and--"

The older man felt a slight chill all of a sudden. "And you thought you'd soften me up with that sartorial seduction before springing your own deviant imaginings on me?"

"It's not like that!" Harry cried out in frustration. He sighed unhappily and half-hid his face in the pillow. "It's not deviant. Not that deviant. I just don't know if you'll like it," he mumbled.

"What I like, Harry, is when you allow me to please you. And so long as this fantasy of yours is not bestial, scatological, or necrophilial in nature, you may be assured I'll at least consider it."

"Okay." Propping himself on his elbows, Harry covered his face with his hands. "Okay. I sometimes think about--" Severus reached out and gently pried the young man's hands away from his face. Harry grimaced but went on. "I wonder what it would be like with--with two people."

Severus felt the chill return, but he fought it back. Harry was anxious enough already, he mustn't upset the boy further by showing that he found the idea--well, chilling.

"With two people," Severus repeated calmly.


"A ménage a trois."

Harry dropped his face back into his pillow. "Uh-huh."

With his eyes hidden in the bedclothes, Harry couldn't see Severus staring at him, completely dumbfounded by what the boy had just revealed.

He'd somehow imagined that Harry's choice of sexy thoughts would run more to shagging in public, or enticing Severus to go naked under his robes--something that merely demonstrated Potter's infamous disregard for the rules.

Then again, someone who thought about threesomes wasn't overly concerned with the rules.

Eventually Harry looked up at him and Severus realized how long he'd been silent. "I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it," Harry sighed, looking away.

"I'm just thinking."

After a few moments the boy peeked at him. "Do you think...do you think you might like to try it?"

Another long pause. Severus raised himself to a sitting position and turned to face Harry, who gazed at him earnestly. Who are you kidding, he thought, you already know you'd do anything for him. But he wasn't ready to tip his hand just yet. "I can't deny that the idea is...tantalizing. But it would require...consideration, Harry. A bit more planning than putting on a pair of knickers."

"Hey, that took a lot of planning!" Harry protested with a laugh. "How easy do you think it is for a bloke to get his hands on all that stuff without drawing all kinds of attention?"

"As easy as asking Ms. Granger to place the owl order?"

Harry blushed and cleared his throat. "So you were saying it would take consideration."

"Yes. It's...dangerous territory. Emotionally it could be rather a minefield. And you can't be sure a person will be discreet."

"I suppose..."

"And then there's the idea of ground rules, of each person's limits--and it should take place on neutral ground. And just choosing a third person--you can't simply pick a likely-looking stranger, there should be some sort of screening process--" Severus stopped; Harry had seemed to prick up his ears at the mention of choosing a third party. "Dare I ask if you've given any thought to whom you might invite into our...affairs?"

Harry looked serious as he nodded. "I've thought about it a little. Because I figure it should be someone I--we--feel comfortable around, and he should be trustworthy, like you said--and he should kind of--take it seriously."

Severus' head was suddenly full of unwelcome images of Harry's friends--he pictured Weasley hiding behind Harry, Longbottom hurtling into their bed and somehow managing to get them all killed, Granger shouting orders--Oh, God, Harry had said this person would be a he, had he not?

"Harry! Who?"

He made a pitiful attempt to sound casual. "Remus Lupin?"

"Well, I suppose he w--" Severus stopped abruptly as Harry's suggestion sank in. "REMUS LUPIN?!"

Harry leapt out of bed with a yelp.

"Lupin? That--beast--that--animal is your fantasy?"

"Forget it! It was silly! I shouldn't have brought it up!" Harry said frantically. He stumbled across the room and began tearing through Severus' chest of drawers. "Forget it--forget it--look!" he cried, pulling a length of silky material from a drawer in triumph. "Silk stockings! We can do your fantasy again! Put mine right out of your head!" He hopped around, trying to get a foot into the stocking.

Ordinarily the sight of his lover stumbling around naked, wrestling with a ladies' undergarment, would have finished Severus, but right now he was too taken aback even to laugh. "Stop that foolishness! We're going to talk about this!"

Harry toppled onto the end of the bed and waited.

"I just can't believe--Remus Lupin? Unless, of course, you were kidding?"

Harry gave him a most disapproving look. "No," he said simply.

"I see," Severus said heavily. "So. Your most intimate...desire is to be shared between myself and that rabid, itinerant ragbag. I never would have guessed, Harry."

"Lupin's not rabid," he shot back. "He's a good man. And he's kind of--um."

"Kind of what?" Severus demanded, feeling a bit chilly again.

"Well, he's kind of sexy."

"Sexy?" Severus burst out. Harry threw the stocking at him. "He's not sexy, Harry, he--he was a professor!"

"You're a professor!"

"But he's--a different sort." He searched for something to back this claim. "He wears cardigans!" he finally cried out accusingly.

"At least they don't have as many buttons as some of your getups," Harry retorted without missing a beat. "I could strip him naked in no time at all."

"An utterly grotesque notion."

"You asked for it! Severus, I don't understand what's so grotesque about it."

"And I don't understand why you fancy taking Remus Lupin to bed! He's drab, he's quiet, he's--devoid of passion!"

Harry fell back across the bed and howled with laughter at that. "How do you know?" he hooted, but Severus only crossed his arms and glared.

"I suppose," Harry said, when he'd recovered a bit, "if you're worried about his being dull in bed, we could just wait until the waxing moon--when he's all dangerous and predatory." The boy grinned fiendishly.

"Oh, dear Merlin, yes! Now it sounds appealing! Let's wait until he's feeling ravenous, then invite the infernal beast into our bed! He'll probably-bite my cock off or something, and the two of you will live happily ever after, pointing at me and giggling."

"You bloody-minded old git!" Harry cried in exasperation, rolling to a sitting position. "Is that what you're worried about? That I'll throw you over for Lupin?"

"I'm worried about getting mauled, is what I'm worried about!"

"All right, stop it!" Harry boomed, stunning Severus to silence. "You know very well he'd do no such thing. Now listen to me. Remus is not my fantasy, okay? My fantasy is--two people. He's just an option. You are an absolute. Does that make you feel better?" Severus shrugged. Harry rolled his eyes and continued. "If we really want to go through with this, Remus is someone that we both know and--and like."

"I don't think--"

"Don't try to tell me you don't like him! You two have a thing."

"We most certainly do not!"

"Do you even know what I mean?" Harry asked, looking annoyingly amused.

"I know that I do not have, nor have I ever had, a thing with Remus Lupin."

"Well, of course you wouldn't see it. But when you two are together--you're like five-year-olds. Especially you. You try to show how much you like him by terrorizing him. You have chemistry."

"Hardly enough chemistry to want him in my bed," Severus sniffed.

"Well, fine, then, we can start looking elsewhere. Or we can just forget it. But you did say you'd at least consider. And I think Remus is worthy of your consideration."

Harry's eyes held not so much a challenge as a simple statement of This is how I feel. As touchy an issue as this was, Severus hated arguing with him. And that's when he realized there was really nothing to argue; he wanted to make Harry happy, even if it meant...this. He supposed there were worse things Harry could have asked of him.

"Damn it, Harry," he finally muttered by way of concession, and held his arms out.

"You mean that in the nicest possible way, of course," Harry said, crawling back under the covers and into the man's arms. Severus said nothing, and Harry murmured, "It'll be fine. I know it will."

Severus, to say the very least, wasn't so sure.

* * * * *

And so it came to pass that several weeks later, Harry and Severus sat together on a sofa in a Muggle hotel suite, waiting anxiously to make Harry's fantasy a reality.

Severus scanned the room once more, although he had already memorized every bland feature. The artwork on the walls might as well have been blank canvas for all the personality it expressed. One thing was certain: this was certainly neutral ground. It couldn't have been more neutral if they'd been in Switzerland.

Harry had arranged the whole...event (Severus had no idea what to call it, even in his own mind--a tryst, an affair, an appointment?), including sitting down and explaining his desires to a befuddled but ultimately willing Remus Lupin. Severus was unsure what his own role was supposed to be in the orchestration of the thing, but he kept telling himself he'd done his part by agreeing to it in the first place.

"Tell me again what you said to Lupin when you talked."

Harry rolled his eyes. "I said it was something I wanted to experience, and that if he was open to it, I'd like it if he'd consider joining us because we both know him and trust him. And that you were agreeable to it." He gave the man a sidelong look. "I've told you all that."

"I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to speak for me in such delicate situations."

"You told me it was okay to approach Remus and then when I asked if you wanted to come along you said no! I was just trying to take everyone's feelings into consideration, Severus. Weren't you the one talking all that rubbish about consideration and discretion?"

"Harry..." He looked at the young man next to him was momentarily distracted. "God, you look perfect." He shook his head and tried to remember his original point. "It wasn't rubbish, Harry, it was reason. I want this to be perfect for you--"

"It's not just for me!" Harry cut in a bit pleadingly. "I want it to be perfect for you, too."

"I know. But I don't want to watch him doing things to you, Harry. I want to do things to you myself."

"Are you trying to change your mind?" Harry's tone said Don't even think about it.

"I'm trying to say, Harry, I'm doing this because I love you. But because I love you, I'm reluctant to share you."

Harry's expression softened. "I know," he murmured, and leaned over to kiss Severus lightly on the lips. "Thank you," he added, sounding suddenly timid, and smiled. Suddenly a third party in the bedroom didn't seem like such a tall order, not for that kiss and that smile.

Severus returned the kiss more deeply and would gladly have continued, but Harry pushed him away, giggling. "Stop, you'll mess me all up." Severus smoothed Harry's hair and then each withdrew into his own space again, gazing nervously around the room.

Harry nearly leapt out of his skin when he heard the knock at the door. Severus' own heart lurched, but he recovered, raised an eyebrow, and said to Harry, "That'll be for you."

With one last searching look at Severus, Harry rose from the sofa and at Severus' nod, crossed the room to answer the door.

He watched him go, relishing the way the stylish cut of Harry's clothes set off his lean legs and trim waist. He also reflected that besides being utterly desirable physically, Harry Potter had grown into an outstanding young man all around. He wondered what Lupin would see when he looked at Harry, but decided he wasn't really sure he wanted to know.

He chided himself for his doubts, just as he'd chided himself for all the doubts he'd had about the matter. But he couldn't help worrying that Harry would suddenly decide that he needed more than Severus could give him and it would never be just the two of them again, or that Lupin would kindle more than curiosity in Harry, or worst of all, that the encounter would go bad somehow, that Harry would end up hurt and disillusioned and Severus wouldn't know how to put things right.

All this swirled increasingly faster in his head as Harry opened the door to Remus, who murmured warmly in greeting and stepped inside. As he handed Harry his coat his eyes jumped around the unremarkable room, just as Severus' own eyes had been doing for the past half hour. Then the two of them were crossing the room toward him and Severus' heart lurched again with the thought that very soon, things were going to start happening.

"Hello, Severus," Remus said as he entered the area that passed for a sitting room. He gave the Potions Master a tentative smile.

"Lupin," Severus merely said, and nodded. He wished he didn't sound so formal, but what was he supposed to do, ask about the weather?

Their unease must have been obvious to Harry. "Remus brought some wine," he said quickly, brandishing a bottle as if they might not believe him. "Shall I pour some?"

"Please," the two older men said in unison. Harry half-laughed and scurried away with the bottle. Remus sat down, folded his hands in his lap, and waited in polite silence.

Severus snuck glances at him out of the corner of his eye. The clothes Lupin wore were not new or stylish, but they were clean and pressed. He found himself staring at the man's hands. They looked soft--not as if he'd never worked hard, but as if his touch might be soothing. Severus scowled at the thought and turned away, and was inordinately glad when Harry returned carefully bearing three glasses of wine.

"Really, Harry," Severus said as he took one, "the bathroom glasses?"

"Seeing as how the alternative was passing the bottle, I thought they'd do," Harry said. He sat down on the other side of Lupin, who looked as if he'd like to laugh but wasn't sure if it was allowed.

"Point taken," Severus grimaced. A moderately priced red wine wouldn't have been his first choice as far as liquid courage, but he supposed he could work with it. He was about to do just that when Lupin spoke.

"What shall we drink to?" he asked with a crooked smile. He looked from Harry to Severus, and Severus wondered for a second if Lupin had started drinking early.

"To Harry," he suggested grimly. In his head he added, Because this is all his bloody fault.

Remus grinned and raised his glass to the young man, who looked adorably bashful under the werewolf's gaze. "To Harry," he repeated. Severus glared at the two of them, thinking that if Lupin didn't stop beaming at Harry like that, he'd just have to make him stop.

All three took healthy gulps of their wine--a bit too healthy for Harry, who burst into coughing and spluttering. Remus patted him on the back a few times then hastily withdrew. The men lapsed back into silence.

They sat that way long enough for Severus to nearly finish his wine; he was about to go for a second glass when he realized that Harry was peering at him around Lupin. He could read the question in the green eyes: Okay? Now? Once more Severus nodded. Now or never.

Harry turned those bewitching eyes on Remus as he reached for the man's glass and set it and his own on the end table. He turned back to face him and hesitated only a second before inching closer, tilting his face up to Lupin's and moving in for a kiss.

Helplessly, Severus watched it happen, watched Harry's lips part ever so slightly, watched Lupin's eyes flutter closed as the kiss became mutual. In all the watching, he had to remind himself to breathe.

It was happening so fast! He didn't know what he'd expected. That they'd talk about it first? That there would be some sort of plan made? He hadn't expected that one minute they'd be sipping wine and the next minute-the next second!-Harry would be slipping a hand inside the collar of Lupin's shirt. He'd expected to feel a bit more jealous, he noted uncomfortably. Instead, he was feeling morbidly fascinated to see where this would go, and how fast it would go there, and what role he'd play in it.

Oh, bugger, he thought, suddenly realizing he'd been sitting there like a lump, I'm supposed to be playing a role.

He had no idea what to do, where to start. He set his glass down and turned toward Lupin, whose head had dropped onto the back of the sofa while Harry explored his neck. Unbutton his shirt? Hand in the lap? Smack Harry in the head for making that Mmmmm-this-is-delicious noise that Severus had thought was only for him? Bloody, bloody, bloody hell.

Cautiously he reached up to run a hand over Lupin's hair. Once, twice, over the fine soft strands. It met with his approval, it seemed; one more stroke and Severus felt Lupin's hand drop into his own lap and set off toward his upper thigh. Remus turned, looked him straight in the eye, and kissed him before he knew what was coming.

So. Not entirely devoid of passion, Severus thought. Lupin knew what he was doing; he wasted no time before acquainting his tongue with Severus' own. Skilled. Bit saucy, in fact. Not too wet. Kissing someone who wasn't Harry gave him a lovely and terrible thrill. He wrapped an arm around Lupin's neck and thanked the gods that the man had kissed him first--otherwise he might still be sitting there staring.

Harry, meanwhile, had thrown one leg over both of Lupin's and looked ready to climb into the man's lap. Severus shocked himself by thinking it might actually be quite nice to see Harry climb into Lupin's lap. He reached over and gave the young man's knee an encouraging squeeze. The result was a sound like a purr from Harry, so Severus continued the impromptu massage. He twirled a lock of Remus' hair between the fingers of his other hand and watched Harry's mouth and hands grow bolder.

Gods, what is wrong with me? he thought. I was the one who was against this, and now I'm practically cheering them on.

For some time they remained that way on the sofa, not speaking but becoming slowly and comfortably entangled in one another. So far, so good. Actually, so far, so much better than Severus had been expecting. Nevertheless, it was a reality check when Lupin pulled him and Harry close and whispered, "Let's go to bed."

One half of Severus' brain wanted to beg them to wait, to helpfully point out, You know this means we're about to have sex, right? The other half looked at Harry, his hair mussed and his color high, and at Lupin, his eyes glinting in a disturbingly enticing manner, and suddenly all Severus wanted to do was lie down and wrap those two around himself like extremely obliging blankets.

Before he could shake himself free of that pleasant little vision, Harry had wriggled out of Lupin's lap and was halfway to the bed. "Come on, you two," he called, and then jumped up and threw himself across the coverlet.

Severus was right behind, and he found the boy smiling impishly, lying on his stomach with one knee bent and his arse more or less on display. Lupin joined in the appraisal of Harry, sliding his arms around Severus' waist from behind and murmuring, "Great gods, however did you get so lucky?"

He answered with a smirk. "What you call luck, Lupin, I call the cruel hand of fate."

"Shame on you, Severus," Remus chuckled, pressing up against him slightly. "Such a lack of appreciation for such a gorgeous creature."

"I appreciate him," he replied. He slipped out of Remus' embrace and stretched out on his back next to Harry. "The little wretch. Do I not?"

"Oh, yes," Harry asserted, and moved so he lay half on top of the man. While they proceeded to express their mutual appreciation, Remus sank onto the bed as well, not next to Harry but next to Severus.

Severus' breath quickened a bit as he thought of the werewolf looking on, then grew more rapid still as he felt a hand begin to tease the growing bulge in his trousers. He hadn't realized how skilled Harry's hands had become; they were--wait.

Harry's hands were both tangled in his hair.

It was Lupin's hand on his crotch.

A low moan rumbled out of him; he kissed Harry fiercely once more and then turned to Remus, who was looking down at him as if anticipating his next move. Lupin fairly fell on Severus, raining ravenous kisses on his neck and jaw while he went to work, with Harry's help, on the buttons of the man's shirt.

Having two sets of hands undressing him was novel enough, but most of Severus' attention was focused on the hot, demanding mouth at his throat. He'd never, ever had a reason to complain about Harry's kisses, and Lupin wasn't better than Harry...but that didn't mean he wasn't very, very exciting.

Not that Severus would say as much, of course. To anyone who didn't know better, the kisses the two were exchanging might have looked more like biting and snarling. Which was partly what made it so exciting.

When Harry had wrenched the last shirt button free, Remus spread Severus' shirt open and ran his hands over his bare skin. He pulled back for a moment and Severus wondered if the moon was waxing--the man did look positively predatory as he bent down and put his tongue to Severus' chest. Harry's fingers found a nipple and pinched, something that always made Severus' grip on sanity slip a little. Between Lupin's tongue and Harry's hands, his grip was slipping a lot. He seized Lupin by the shoulders and pushed him away, then rolled on top of him with a growl.

Severus launched his own assault of kisses and a few small nips to the throat, which only served to fire Remus up, judging by the way he thrust his hips up each time teeth made contact with skin. He let Remus push his shirt off his shoulders, then wrestled the man out of his own.

As the two of them tussled, Harry hovered around them like a lascivious buzzard, leaning in for a kiss here, a lick or a grope there. This went on for a few minutes, and despite being more or less wrapped up in Lupin, Severus was aware enough to notice when Harry's attempts to intervene became a bit testy. Finally, rather than just shoving Lupin out of the way--it's what Severus would have done, after all--Harry rolled to his feet and stalked across the room.

"Harry?" Severus called, causing the oblivious Lupin to look at him in surprise. "Let go of me," he snapped. "Let go!" He twisted around and finally saw Harry sitting on the sofa, tapping his foot angrily and swigging wine out of the bottle.

"What are you doing?" he demanded, rolling off of Lupin and sitting up.

"Drinking wine," he said coolly.

"Like hell!" he retorted. Remus jumped a little, then rolled onto his side and propped himself on his elbow to listen.

"What do you mean, like hell? Here's the wine. Here's me drinking it." He took another defiant swig. "You two can carry on. I'll just sit here and enjoy the--"

"Harry!" Severus bellowed. "Come back here at once!"

The youth slammed the bottle down and stomped back to the side of the bed, glaring at Severus as if he hoped to make the man combust.

"Sit down," Severus said through gritted teeth, "and remind me what I'm doing in a rented bed allowing Lupin to slobber on me."

("Excuse me. I'm slobbering?" Lupin interjected. "You be quiet," Severus replied.)

Harry made no move to return to bed, but crossed his arms. "Well, I thought we were here to indulge my fantasy, but so far I think it's been more fantastic for you two than for me."

"That's hardly surprising, seeing as how you got up and left."

"You two were ready to carry on without me!"

"Then warn us next time you need to get out of bed and throw a tantrum and we'll wait for you," Severus said in acid tones.

"That's not fair, Severus," Lupin said calmly. He crawled up to the head of the bed, propped a pillow against the headboard, and leaned back on it. "I hardly think Harry's throwing a tantrum. But I do think I can see why he's upset. Harry, come sit down so we can talk."

Harry sat down on the edge of the bed, but looked as though he'd rather eat flobberworms than talk. "Oh, come on over here--there's a good boy," Lupin said, fluffing another pillow and sliding it behind Harry when the young man settled in beside him.

"Now Harry," Remus began, "I think we should all bear in mind that this experience is new for everyone. Unless there are rules of etiquette for this that I don't know about, we'll be, as they say, making it up as we go along."

His smooth, reasonable tone wasn't lost on Severus, who listened with a blend of envy and admiration. Harry still looked cranky, but Remus was talking him down, slowly but surely. Severus reached out and began to stroke Harry's calf as Lupin went on.

"There will inevitably be a certain amount of...getting acquainted involved." (Is that what we were doing? Severus thought.) "You understand that, of course."

"Yes, I guess," Harry said, suddenly sounding very agreeable, probably due in part to Remus tugging Harry's shirttails out of his trousers and splaying his fingers over the boy's bare belly.

"But having said that, Harry, a ménage a trois...well, it takes three." Severus bit his lip as Lupin's fingers dipped beneath the waist of Harry's trousers. "So will you stay?"

"I'll stay," Harry murmured, but looked, to Severus, as if he might need further convincing. He inched closer and began to gently knead Harry's thigh.

"So tell me, Harry," Remus continued, his voice very low now, his lips moving against Harry's jaw. "When you entertain this--fantasy..." He began to unbutton Harry's shirt. "When it plays out in your mind...how do you like to imagine it?"

Harry was looking a bit foggy; Severus had begun to suspect that Lupin was putting him in a trance. The boy blinked. "Well, it's...kind of different every time," he admitted with a sheepish smile. "There are a lot of, you know--combinations."

Lupin chuckled against Harry's throat, one hand ghosting over his now-bare chest. "Quite so," he said. He slid Harry's shirt down his arms, pulled it off and tossed it away. "Severus? What would you say to letting Harry lie back and relax while you and I..."

"...do all the work?" Severus said. He rose to his knees and moved to straddle Harry's thighs. "I'd say I'll be glad to have someone share the load. He's terribly demanding." He chanced a smile at Harry and was relieved when it was returned.

"Well then," Remus said, his eyes glinting at Harry, "we'll do our best to satisfy your demands."

"I think we can do better than that," Severus said, hands slowly and deliberately moving toward the boy's crotch. "I think, Harry...I think we're going to fuck you until you don't know which way is up."

If Harry and Remus were shocked to hear it, Severus was even more shocked to have said it. But something inside him seemed simply to have figured, in for a penny, in for a pound, and it was all he needed. He'd be damned if he wouldn't do everything in his power to make this good for Harry, but he thought he might as well enjoy himself in the bargain.

Harry's eyes were wide but trusting as Severus made short work of his zipper. He slithered down and lifted his hips as Severus swept his trousers down.

"Why, you naughty little tart," Remus breathed, looking on in awe.

Harry wasn't wearing any underwear.

In the short time it took Severus to tug Harry's trousers off and cast them aside, Remus had swooped in and wrapped a hand around the boy's length. Harry's head dropped back and his eyes closed while Lupin murmured in his ear. Severus crept up along Harry's other side and folded his own hand around Lupin's; together they worked his cock--pre-come already gathering at its tip--almost roughly, but Harry didn't seem to have any complaints.

Under pretense of nuzzling Harry's neck, Severus tried to listen to the werewolf's whispers. Much of what he said was breathy and lost in Harry's hair, but Severus heard enough to gather that it was not so much sweet nothings as explicitly pornographic nothings.

"Is there something you'd like to share, Lupin?" Severus asked.

Remus grinned affably. Fingers dancing along Harry's prick, he said, "I was merely expressing my indecision--whether to eat his gorgeous cock or his arsehole, which I'm sure is equally tempting."

"Decisions, decisions," Severus said with a hint of sarcasm. He treated Harry to a long wet kiss as Remus went on.

"We could take it in turns, of course..."

"What happened to making it up as we go along?" he asked into Harry's mouth, as the boy began to thrash under the two sets of hands tending to him.

Except he wasn't thrashing, he was pushing them away. He held the two startled men at arm's length.

"Shut up already!" he ordered. "Now get your clothes off, you--geezers, and show me some real sport!"

A slow smile spread across Lupin's face. "Merlin, he is demanding."

"Yes," Harry said, lying back and folding his hands under his head, "I am." Severus noticed, though, that the young man wasn't smiling.

He stood up next to the bed and began to undo his trousers, holding Harry's gaze as he did so.

"Just a minute," came Lupin's voice as he too stood up. "Don't we get any assistance?"

"You're a big boy, Lupin, you can undress by yourself. Haven't you been doing it all your life?"

"Severus, that was out of line," Remus said, but not angrily.

"Oh? I didn't know there was a line."

Severus caught Harry rolling his eyes, and returned his attention to the boy. And Harry's attention was all on Severus as the man stood naked, hard, ready to do his lover's bidding.

Harry had always been somewhat worshipful toward Severus' body. At first it had made him uncomfortable--he was no exhibitionist--but after a while it had made him feel like Superman. Harry appreciated it, respected it, scars, imperfections and all. And judging from Harry's response to it in action, Severus guessed he knew how to use it. If Harry wanted to gaze at his body in worshipful adoration, who was Severus to stop him?

Before Severus could remind Harry that this was his night, the young man had crawled to the edge of the bed and taken him in his mouth. He let out a shuddering sigh as he felt his cock enveloped in slick, wet warmth. With one hand Harry held Severus' hip, rubbing small circles on the bone with his thumb, something he always did; the other hand wandered. Of its own accord one of Severus' hands found its way into Harry's hair. His eyes slid closed as Harry's tongue swirled over the head of his cock with a slurping sound, but they opened again as he suddenly felt Lupin watching them.

He leveled his gaze at the man, who was kneeling behind Harry on the bed, watching avidly as Harry bobbed up and down on Severus' cock. His lips were slightly parted; he slowly stroked his own prick with one hand while with the other he kneaded the flesh of Harry's arse with bold, firm pressure. Occasionally the hand would stray toward the boy's crack, causing Harry to whimper and Severus' cock to twitch.

When Remus leaned over Harry and began to lazily drag his tongue down the boy's spine, Severus had to use every ounce of his will not to come then and there. Harry was moaning around his cock, the vibrations rattling him to his core. The young man's voluptuous arse swayed in invitation, an invitation that Remus readily accepted as he licked his way down to it. He kissed past the small of Harry's back and along his cleft; Harry, perhaps on instinct, spread his knees as Lupin, smoothing the flesh with his hands, parted his cheeks and worked his tongue between them.

Severus had never thought of himself as a voyeur before. But then again, maybe he'd never had anything this good to watch.

"Harry." He had to make the boy stop or he'd be finished much too soon.

The boy's hot, greedy mouth continued its magic, slightly more clumsily now as Lupin's mouth worked its magic on him.

"Harry." With one hand in his hair he guided Harry away from his swollen, aching cock. Glazed green eyes met black ones dark with lust. God, how he would have loved to let Harry devour him, to let the boy drink him down--but it was too soon. "Let me," he said, not even sure what he meant by it. "Let me."

He climbed onto the bed, running his hands randomly along Harry's sweat-slick body and wondering hazily where to position himself. He stretched out on his side, head near Harry's hip, to watch and listen. A sort of keening came from Harry each time Lupin thrust his tongue against the sensitive flesh; the boy's cock bobbed against his belly, gleaming with pre-come. Severus reached beneath him and took it in hand.

"OhgodyesSeverus," Harry gasped. "Oh god, please. Please."

With a twist of his shoulders Severus was able to slide under Harry's body; as if by intuition he found Harry's cock with his mouth and took him in as deep as the unusual angle would allow.

It didn't matter the technique used, though; the sheer sensation of two mouths overloaded Harry's circuits and after only a few thrashing, scrambling, nonsense-shouting moments, he came.

Severus' own hips bucked into the air as he licked Harry's hot sticky come from his lips, but still he held off. This wasn't over yet, he was sure of it.

Remus reared back for just a moment as Severus rearranged himself to lie properly next to Harry, and Harry writhed, moaning in the aftermath of his orgasm, or perhaps in anticipation of the next one.

Severus watched slack-jawed as Remus carefully gathered the boy up and pulled him to all fours, pressing feverish kisses to his shoulders and back as he leaned over him. Harry's face was inscrutable; the brows knit tightly together could have signified pain or pleasure or some exquisitely torturous combination of the two. Remus looked plain hungry as, aided by the various fluids at hand, he began to prepare Harry with his fingers.

It was hardly surprising to Severus that after a few moments Harry's arms began to tremble and he soon sank down so that his arms pillowed his head. It was a bit more of a surprise when Harry opened his eyes and whispered Severus' name. "Need you," he breathed. "Please." Severus thought he'd never heard anything sweeter in all his life.

"Tell me."

"I need--oooohh, God--just need to touch you," Harry gasped. "Feel you--closer."

"Anything," Severus vowed, pressing as close to Harry as he could, wrapping him in his arms.

Remus was still slowly pressing two fingers into the youth and withdrawing them, stroking him until he mewled piteously. Severus, lying on his side, let the slight, sleepy undulations of Harry's body wash over him for a moment, but it wasn't enough; it was motion, but not contact. "Remus," he said suddenly, rolling onto his back. "Give him to me."

Lupin released Harry, who climbed atop Severus, rested his cheek against the man's chest and once again offered himself to Remus. It made for a hopeless tangle of legs, but they slid together perfectly, wordlessly. Severus dug in his heels and lifted his hips, closing the space between himself and Harry. At the same moment Lupin, murmuring softly, positioned himself and buried his cock in the boy's flesh.

Harry seemed to melt into Severus; every thrust of Lupin's hips pressed them together in a hundred places. And with each thrust Severus rocked up against him in mounting desperation, grinding his cock against the searing heat of Harry's skin. A rhythm emerged, rising and falling, pushing and pulling, over and over.

"That's it," Remus muttered, "so hot, so beautiful..." Severus wasn't sure who the words were meant for and he didn't care. He was reduced to grunts and growls as he watched Remus driving into Harry. The man's eyes were closed and his head bowed, an almost reverent expression on his face even as his movements became more frenzied.

Harry was begging for release in jagged gasps that were nearly sobs, sometimes beseeching God and Severus in the same breath. "Please, Severus," he panted. "Oh, please, I--I can't--Severus!"

Severus groaned in surprised pleasure as he felt Harry's fingernails raking the flesh of his shoulders, then groaned again as the boy shuddered and writhed with the force of his release and chanted Severus' name like a litany.

Remus' thrusts continued erratically until he suddenly went rigid; finally out of words, he threw his head back and uttered a long, inarticulate cry. Hips still jerking, he leaned forward, reached in front of Harry and grasped Severus' cock. "Now," he entreated breathlessly. "Now. Let go."

Severus was already coming, clinging furiously to Harry and adding surge after surge of his own hot come to Harry's as Remus stroked them both. The unified motion of their bodies was intoxicating, and the sensation of Remus' hand on his flesh an unexpected pleasure. He reached out to include Lupin in the awkward, many-armed embrace. "Yes," Severus breathed, as the three men sank together, dissolving into one another. "Yes."

* * * * *

Somehow they maneuvered themselves to the right end of the bed and even managed to get under the covers. Remus and Severus gently placed a boneless Harry on the mattress and snuggled in on either side of him. Harry lay on his stomach, his face turned toward Severus; and his face, though it no longer looked agonized, was still unreadable.

In the half-light Severus studied the face he loved--the red ripe curve of the lips, the midnight-dark eyelashes resting on the smooth cheeks--and slowly his wits began to return to him. He had shared Harry--and been shared himself--with another man. And it had been one of the most unsettling, overwhelming, explosively satisfying experiences of his life.

There was no doubt in his mind that Remus would say the same if he asked him; but he couldn't begin to guess what Harry's experience had been. Certainly they'd satisfied him, but... He lay gently caressing Harry's hair and silently bidding him, Tell me. I want to know what you felt.

Severus didn't know how long they remained there--a few minutes, an hour?--but it was long enough that he was startled when Harry gently took Severus' hand and held it, his eyes still closed. Remus raised his head and looked from Harry to Severus with concern, his eyes questioning.

"We need some time," Severus murmured, voice barely audible. Remus nodded. Carefully he drew his arm from beneath Harry's head, pressed a kiss to the boy's shoulder blade, and reached over to tenderly trace the line of Severus' jaw with a fingertip. Then he slipped from the bed.

Harry sighed deeply, then drew Severus' hand to his lips and kissed the palm.

"Harry," Severus whispered. "Please look at me." He was willing to let the boy talk when he was ready, but he wanted to see his face.

Harry raised his eyes and very quickly lowered them again. "Severus...I didn't--I...I'm sorry."

He knew that saying You have nothing for which to apologize wouldn't help any, so he waited patiently for Harry to continue.

"I didn't know," the young man said in a voice made throaty by exertion and emotion. "I didn't know it would be like that."

"What was it like?" Severus asked gently.

Finally Harry looked him in the eye. "Intense. Almost...almost scary. And it all moved so quickly..." He paused; when he spoke again his throat was clogged with tears. "It wasn't like...it wasn't like us. When you and I are together."

Severus' heart swelled a bit on hearing that. He pulled his lover into his arms. "Harry--darling--my beautiful love." Funny how rarely Severus used such endearments, but how readily they came to him when he really needed to use them. "Nothing could ever be like what you and I share. Nothing. We love one another--Harry, I love you with my whole soul. An experience with another lover--it's bound to be different."

"That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm afraid of."

He shook his head. "I mean, dearest..." He searched for the right phrase. "I mean, you are the absolute. That's what you said to me, when we first discussed all this, do you remember? You are my absolute. We could entertain a new guest every weekend and it would never--could never--be this." He kissed Harry as if to illustrate his point.

When Harry broke away and rolled onto his side, he looked happier, if only slightly. "I sort of imagined...that I'd get to do more," he mused. "Instead of being...done-to."

Severus didn't know quite what to say to that. "You might also recall pointing out that there are myriad ways for the scenario to unfold."

"Well, all right, but..."

"Perhaps..." Severus said carefully. This was the emotional minefield portion of the program. "Perhaps another time, it would be different."

Harry stared. "Another time? Severus--I don't know if I want to do this again. It was overwhelming. I put you through all the arguing to start, and now I've probably compromised my friendship with Remus--" He stopped, an odd look crossing his face. "It's because of Remus. You want to do it again because of Remus."

"Harry, I will make no attempt to deny that I found the experience extremely pleasurable. But did I enjoy it because of Remus? No, I enjoyed it because of you, because I love and trust you. And I like to think you feel the same."

"You know I do."

"I stand by my word. You are the one I want, first, last and always." Harry nodded, looking thoughtful but no longer accusing or unhappy. "You know, Harry--and cherish this, because you don't hear me say it every day--you were right all along. About Lupin, that is. The man cares deeply for you, of that I have no doubt. And he is one of the...truest people I know."

"And you have a thing."

Severus tensed, but saw that Harry was fighting a smile. He shook his head again. "'Love and trust' trumps 'having a thing.'"

"Okay, I get it, you love and trust me!" Harry laughed. The sound was like cool water to Severus. "But can you not just admit that you two have a thing?"

The man frowned. "There is, perhaps, a certain...dynamic between myself and Lupin that could loosely be interpreted as a thing, as you so eloquently put it."

"Best I'm going to get, I suppose." Harry smiled, and Severus was so relieved to see it that he decided not to press the issue of whether they'd invite Lupin to join them again. He hoped they would--the thought of Harry calling the shots was particularly titillating--but only if would please Harry. He told himself he could be patient until the boy reached a conclusion.

"He took me by surprise," Harry said after several moments of silence. "Lupin did, I mean. With--well, everything."

"I wasn't surprised," Severus said. "They say it's always the quiet ones."

"You tried to tell me he was devoid of passion!"

"Well, that was before."

"Before what?"

Severus looked up as he heard a door creak open. "Before he got out of the shower," he said, lowering his voice. He and Harry shared another fond smile as Remus cautiously approached the bed, a towel around his hips and his damp hair in disarray.

"Are we all right?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, I think so," Severus replied.

"Harry?" he asked for good measure.

"I'm fine, Remus...come back to bed." He pulled the covers back for Lupin, who dropped his towel and slid in next to Harry. The young man's eyes were sparkling when he spoke again. "We were just talking about you, actually."

Severus gave the boy a warning look, which he ignored.

"Were you indeed?" Remus asked. "In what context, exactly?"

"In the context of being an utter pervert."

"Well, now you know all my secrets," Remus said wryly. "Werewolf, Marauder, sexual deviant."

Harry laughed. "If you're a deviant, Severus and I are too. And anyway...I don't think what we did was deviant," he added shyly.

"Nor do I," Remus agreed. "Harry, I hope that you were somewhat satisfied with your experience. I'm afraid there should have been more...discussion, more consideration of what you truly desired."

Harry looked at him gravely for a moment, but turned to Severus as he answered. "Well, next time, we'll know," he said quietly.

Severus gave a small gasp. Next time?

"Remus," Harry continued, "Severus and I would...we hope you'll join us again."

Lupin nodded gravely. "It would be a pleasure. Will be a pleasure."

"Harry, are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm sure." It was good enough for Severus.

Once again the three men folded themselves into a complicated but comfortable embrace. As Severus drifted off with two warm sated bodies in his arms, he couldn't help but wonder what the next time would bring. He quieted his mind by reassuring himself that it would be satisfying, whatever it was, because he would be with Harry.

When two people had what they had, the possibilities were endless.
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